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Outstanding Gallic Action

By JFrawley032759
The version shown in the United States is an extremely good movie, but the uncut international version is much better - a true classic. Certain sexual connotations were removed, but there was no...

o profissinal

By polo0073262017220
filme optimo b em feito e be m completo... vi pela primeira vez o jean reno e acahei que ia ter futuro... e defacto tem feito filmes bem interessantes e ja avi alguns e gostei.......

great flick

By UrbanaNYC
I watched this with my then boyfriend, and I thought it was going to be stupid. This film was amazing. It had action, weird scenes, interesting story line. Just great overall. It's a def. must see!!...

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Rated R
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Common Sense Media says Stylish, mature hitman thriller is quite violent.
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