Great movie making is BACK!!!

By Calylily
Written November 28, 2009
I’m LIKE YOU . . . looking around on this long weekend to see a really great movie . . . Have you ever wondered about what happens to a young, young girl who marries an old man and stays married to him - even has a family? Well, this movie gives a birds-eye view into that heart and soul - a young hippie girl from the 70's - drug induced and carefree, meets stable and successful publisher who makes her feel safe – girl, you’ve been there before! Or thought about it! By even more surprise, some of my favorite actors are in it: Robin Wright Penn, who I am sure will be nominated), Alan Arkin, Keanu Reeves (yummy, glad to see you do something great again), Mario Bello (a soon to be Icon), Winona Ryder (where have you been for so long?), and Julianne Moore (if I was gay I would love her!) Go see it! It was like having a double scoop of an ice cream you never had before . . . and it was SO good!
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The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee

By Clo16
Written January 31, 2014
Written and directed by Rebecca Miller, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee is a film that chronicles the fictional life of a woman named Pippa who has a neurotic amphetamine-addicted mother with an obsessive fixation on Pippa's looks.It stars Robin Wright Penn in the title role together with Alan Arkin,Maria Bello,Monica Bellucci,Blake Lively,Julianne Moore,Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. Pippa Lee is the loving mother of two grown children, and the wife of successful publisher Herb. Despite the fact that she's 30 years Herb's junior, Pippa and her husband have never fallen short on things to talk about. She's always enjoyed the hustle and bustle of New York, but after Herb suffers a serious heart attack, Pippa dutifully moves with him to a quaint suburban home in small-town Connecticut. And for a while, at least, she coasts enjoying frequent dinner parties with her new friends Sam and Sandra, and spending quiet nights caring for Herb, who has lately grown increasingly distant.
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One of the best book-to-movie adaptations

By juli_fan
Written December 06, 2009
I went in hesitant as I lobe the book, but this movie proves how to make a movie not kill the book - let the author write the screenplay and direct the movie. Are there differences? Sure, but they're negligible. I found the movie delightful and also thought provoking - how do our experiences add up to who we are today. I definitely recommend this movie!
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Great performances in above average comedy drama

By turk196
Written December 03, 2009
Interesting movie. I liked it, my wife loved it. Robin Wright Penn gives one of her best perfoirmances in this movie about childhood, marriage and the suburbs. A little slow-paced at times, but entertaining. Surprisingly good performance by Blake Lively too.
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Five Word Review

By janeyruth
Written December 04, 2009
Lush Quirky Sexy Sadhappy See-it
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