A wonderful movie.

By ddplmr
Written February 22, 2014
This is one of the most intelligent movies I've ever seen. I pretty much had decided how the movie would go by the time I got to the theater. But I liked the premise of a girl impersonating her dead twin and thought it would probably be worthwhile to see. Nothing prepared me for what I did see. Zoe Kazan plays this like a virtuoso performing the work of a master. And this is a master work.
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Really Enjoyed!

By shfwilf89
Written February 23, 2014
I really liked the story. It had some twists I wasn't expecting as well. I liked the cast, the acting, music and the locations where the movie was filmed. I went to see the movie with a group of people and everyone really enjoyed it. I would recommend to my friends! This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.
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The Pretty One

By lovelyday
Written February 08, 2014
Just great! All the cast was terrific and the story was compelling. So nice to see Shae D'lyn again -- such a great actress.
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Great movie!

By patriciamcgurn
Written February 23, 2014
It was very compelling. I love getting lost in a movie, it was very believable. It's a must see!
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Didn't expect much and I was right.

By aly0333
Written March 05, 2014
I'm actually a big fan of Zoe Kazan which was probably the only reason why I went to go watch this film. I absolutely loved her in Ruby Sparks but The Pretty One was terrible. The actors in film disappointed me. The only good part of the movie was Jake Johnson from New Girl. I would not recommend this movie unless you wanna see a cheesy film that doesn't surprise you.
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