People should do some research

By maxcarnage666
Written January 09, 2008
Okay if somone has to say it I will.. Poughkeepsie tapes are real the water street butcher is and was real. Are they exagerating alot of things to make it more interesting YES. Just like Texas Chainsaw Massacre this is based on truth but exagerated. In texas chainsaw massacre most of all that was fact but he didn't use his damn chainsaw that much if somone did some research they would find out that he really only used a chainsaw twice. Saying the Poughkeepsie tapes aren't real is like saying the black dahlia also never happened. This is just a hollywood taking something that truly did happen and making it well... less graphic for us all I'm sure this will be a great movie to watch, but I'm also sure some of it will be made up cause I do know that some of what was actually recorded America would never let the public see. Which is what makes this movie a great movie to go see.
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In response to Texas Chainsaw Massacre remarks...

By ben1234
Written January 11, 2008
Based on a true story is an incredibly loose anecdote to apply to a movie. Texas Chainsaw was based on the story of Ed Gein, but so was Silence of the Lambs, Psycho, People Under the Stairs, and other movies, all on one person who had very minimal simliarities to any of the characters we see in those preceeding movies. And in response to the guy who said the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was falsified mainly because he only used the chainsaw twice, actually, no. Leatherface never existed. The Hewitt family never existed. There was never a chainsaw weilding madman running wild in Texas. Ed Gein dug up graves and dissected their bodies in his own home, and I believe shot and killed only two people. He was solitary and anti-social, and believe me, did NOT run around with a chainsaw. 98% of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is untrue, as will 98% of The Poughkeepsie Tapes. "Based on a true story" is just used to apply fear of real-world possibility and eeriness and fright of reality.
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Not real, not surprised!

By heretoreveal
Written December 24, 2007
Yeah, just so u know this movie isn't real there is no record of it and if there was dont you think you would have heard of it? It's just an ancient yet clever way to make the movie more horrifying and at the sam time attractive after all what better way to scare someone with a story than telling them its real! just as The Texas chainsaw massacre which most people still believe really happened.
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The Poughkeepsie Tapes

By cyborg37
Written November 23, 2007
This movie looks really weird. Is this a true story? either way, this movie from the being-stalked category looks scary. The trailer was sorta creepy. The story from what it seems like could happen to anyone. This movie is kinda like the Blair Witch Project but different settings and stories. For horror movie fans, this might be a good opportunity to see what the KILLER sees(thats what the movie's about)
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Shame on Hollywood

By msgourmet40
Written September 18, 2008
How Dare Hollywood make a movie that uses real footage of these murders. Haven't the these victims and their families been victimized enough!!!!
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