• Released
  • January 30, 2015
  • (Limited Release)
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • Action/Adventure
The Posthuman Project Synopsis
Denny and his four closest friends receive a genetic boost beyond anything they could ever have imagined, and Denny soon faces a big decision: to give up his powers or graduate from the human race.

Movie Reviews

All-ages indie

By al12345
Five teenagers get superpowers in this low-budget film that may invite comparisons to "Heroes." Kids will be the most likely to get a kick out of this film, which does feature some violence and...

This is a waste of money

By lucamatei183
Total poop...

Ambitious but flawed.

By stphntylr
I know making a film is not an easy task. Especially a feature length film that is as dependent on effects as something like this is. For that reason I give the 3 stars, I haven't made a film, so I...

This Movie is Shocking.

By atreyutroy
On many accounts this movie blew me away. In the first respect this movie blew me away that it made it into not only professional film festivals, but then somehow gained awards from these festivals....