really scary

By irmixkawaii22
Written November 27, 2014
some reviews say its bot good, but i think it was worth the money. I like the fact that this movie has good drama behind the horror part cuz a lot of exorcism movies that i have seen had terrible content
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Very tame but interesting

By AjDont
Written October 29, 2014
I saw this movie in a packed theater full of coiling middle schoolers - the appropriate age and atmosphere for this movie. As this was not my first rodeo and I am an avid movie goer for the slightly spooked, this movie was a little too juvenile for me. Rather than using the now cliche "Found Footage" format - this movie does have a traditional scary movie story line. It does get one hooked very early on, but does not sustain this type of shock and awe. Maybe its just me, but this film was very bright and airy for a horror film. Perhaps that is part of the look of the film and I'm just stubborn. Finally, the story of this movie does harken back to the great exorcism/ possession films of old yet does not firmly grasp its own hold on american cinema. This film is almost a parody of itself. If you are hoping for a few good jumps out of your seat, and possibly even a few nightmares, this film will leave you unfulfilled. If you are 14 and going to a sleepover, this is a quality pick!
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The Possession

By xheather9876x
Written December 25, 2014
It had to be one of the worst movies ever! I was expecting it to be really scary and good! I was only scared 4 times and that's because I hate when things pop out. I laughed at the stupidity of it way more than I screamed. I was VERY disappointed.
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The Pocession

By movie-pro
Written October 24, 2014
Not to bad, but you may want to wait an rent it or buy it. The acting was good and I did like the plot of the show. Some good old creepy scenes.
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keeps me in my seat

By joepaw
Written June 29, 2015
I have seen alot of worse movies than The possession and with that being said the movie is really not so bad. For a pg-13 flcik I didn't think much about it but after about 45 mins through the movie i thought that the movie sunk in and had me drawn in.It also helps that a strong lead like Jeffrey Dean Morgan is an A + actor and carried the film the whole way. It is a great date movie and intresting enough to keep you in the seat.
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