We enjoyed it

By smiller754
Written September 03, 2012
There were several good jump out your seat scenes. The effects were subtle yet disturbing. Being it was referenced to a true story made it intriguing. Acting was good. Though my friend found it predictable, I thought after one sees a thousand scary movies, it is hard for a movie to NOT be predictable! Go see it! It is worth the fee of a movie for sure!
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The Possession

By xheather9876x
Written December 25, 2014
It had to be one of the worst movies ever! I was expecting it to be really scary and good! I was only scared 4 times and that's because I hate when things pop out. I laughed at the stupidity of it way more than I screamed. I was VERY disappointed.
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The Pocession

By movie-pro
Written October 24, 2014
Not to bad, but you may want to wait an rent it or buy it. The acting was good and I did like the plot of the show. Some good old creepy scenes.
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Sam Rami and Ole Bornedal make a great team...

By Iniswitch
Written August 31, 2014
I am not familiar with Ole Bornedal, but I am going to check out more of his stuff. Great story telling, great style, mood and of course the Rami timing! Just when you least expect it - BAM! Good scary movie, not gory or gratuitous, just jarring, jump-out-of-your-seat scares. And knowing it's based on an actual occurrence.... well, that just makes it that much better. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Natasha Calis are wonderful and have that great chemistry that's needed for a film like this. Kyra Sedgwick, well, what's there to say, she's great, always. I only say 'GO' because this subject matter isn't for everyone. I thought it was really good and think I might see it one more time!
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Total waste of Money

By Rollins24
Written December 01, 2014
Easily the worst movie I have seen this year. By the end of it the crowd was all laughing at how poor it was. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Save your money.
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