Another Exorcism Movie...

By pedsarq
Written September 02, 2012
This time around we're treated to a Jewish exorcism, complete with Polish history and an MRI that reveals a murky slow-mo video of the demon lurking within. Well, there are certainly plenty of creepy scenes in this movie that depend heavily on the usual tricks, extensive use of darkness and low light, eerie music with sudden loudness, etc. Don't expect anything new, but you'll be entertained as long as you came in the mood to see this type of fare.
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Meh 6/10

By redhairedchick84
Written January 29, 2015
If your headed to this movie hoping to be scared out of you mind - think again. The scariest part happens a minute into the movie (beginning with the old lady). The only other part thought minorly scary was the girl in the garage, because of the unknown element. We've all seen the 'views - what's so scary about moths? Maybe it was seeing Morgan as a character other than Denny Duquette (what can I say? He OWNED that part.) and Sedgwick outside of ads for The Closer that really through me off, and made it that much more difficult to become immersed in the scenes.Oh, well. It's not a waste folks. And were other horror/suspense movies fail on charater development, this one certainly does not.
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Straight to dvd

By pompo99
Written September 05, 2015
Horrible movie!!! I guess there was need for the jewish exorsist, but youd think that with all the money the jewish community has in holliwood they would've come up with a killer script!!! The movie is full of ridiculous lines and inconclusive scenes. ohhhhh yesss!!! Whatthe hell happened to the dentist u paraded arround all the movie!!! And follow the scene with the Jewish Rabbies! What load of bad writting! Somehow the rookie rabbi has a code an obligation to help that the experienced others could just ignore!!! The digital demond!!! HAHAHA Enough said!!!
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Had me sitting on the edge of my seat!!!

By maineattraction
Written September 03, 2012
I would totally recommend going to see this one! It starts right off about 10 mins in. I thought it was done really well. I thought it had a really good story line and the great actors made me believe it. It had me clenching my hands and face with suspense. LOL!! I was captivated and creeped out. I even went to bed thinking wow! But not for kids. Not sure why some people have given this one a bad review. I was scary and had me creeped out. I thought it was the best possession movie I have seen. I liked it better than the Exorcist. I love scary movies and have seen some bad ones. But this is a MUST SEE!
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Made me crap my pants (sorry, "soil myself")

By rr11606
Written January 28, 2015
This is done right! Great acting ( a must) great story, even though you think it's a formula plot, excellent special effects (unless, gasp, that was really happening!) I rank it up there with Poltergeist for shock value and, of course, leaving a little meat on the bone for a sequel! May be too intense for some audiences, like, for example, YOU! HA HA Ha ha ha ha ha...echhh!
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