Enjoyable Possession Demon Movie

By chase220
Written August 01, 2014
I liked this movie despite what some others had said. I thought it was a well-crafted horror movie. I love scary movies and I can honestly say this one was def up there on my list. If you like horror movies as much as I do you'll need to see this one.
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Be Possessed to wait for the DVD

By Darkola
Written January 25, 2015
The movie itself wasnt a bad movie, but at the same time it really didnt bring anything new to the table for this type of movie with someone being possessed. The story was decent, girl comes into possession of a mysterious box, she opens it, the demon locked inside the box starts to possess her ... nothing really new there. The acting was good all around, a few ok special effects were thrown in there, but the movie itself didnt make you feel anything for the characters themselves, and to me it really failed to deliver any real scare to its audience. I watched the movie from beginning to end and not once did I jump, or sit with anticipation wanting to know what was next around the corner. I have to wonder why with such a change in the movie industry, that movies these days cant compare to "The Exorcist" when it comes to a really scarry movie, anyways, I'd give this 2 out of 4 stars myself, wait for the DVD, and hope you enjoy :)
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By erickahdz
Written October 28, 2014
OMG!!! This movie was an awesome, scary-***movie! Kept me on the edge of my seat, biting my fingernails, snuggled under my movie blanket. No fake shots like obvious CG shots. Actors were great. The exorcism was creepy, brought tears of fear to my eyes. I really liked this movie, and would def add to my Scary collection. Sam Raimi did a great job.
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The Possession

By julz1217
Written February 28, 2015
It was a good movie I give it a B. I liked the Exorsist and it was an update to that. Its a movie you can watch at home and enjoy. Did not need to go the the theater to see it.
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The Possession

By kmrichert
Written September 18, 2014
If you are into horror films, then you will like this one. Being that it was based on a true story makes it even more interesting. I am sure that the movie was embellished, but that's what a horror film is all about. It was pretty scary, but not too gross like green vomit! The acting was very good
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