By dazars44
Written February 19, 2017
The Saturday, 12/29 showing of POSEIDON (original version) and Cast/crew meetings was indeed a highlight of the holidays for me. It was the second time I've seen it on the BIG SCREEN (mine is big at home but not THAT big). The cast members there were gracious and giving...crew members in the audience were fun too..and attendees in costume added to the evening. Brian who organized the event was congratulated and is congratulated here again, for his work and love of this iconic film. Ongoing congrats to all at the famed EGYPTIAN for such events.
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The Poseidon Adventure Rules the screen once again!

By jmuchow1937
Written January 03, 2013
The 1972 Classic disaster/adventure film that started an entire new genre of films hit the big screen once again at the historic EGYTIAN THEATRE in Hollywood. what a thrill to see this incredible film that affected me so much as a child, so big on the huge screen. Even though ive seen the movie on dvd/ blu ray countless times. seeing it on the big screen, presented in a clean digital copy, was impressive and i fell in love with this film all over again! some films play better on the small screen, this film however - the Poseidon adventure envelops you. amazing! so powerful and it was great to see younger kids there, enjoying this classic film for the first time. I only hope that more younger people will find this film and others on the big screen also. As i flew in from out of state, and i knew the film would be packed, it was so convenient for me to order my ticket ONLINE weeks in advance from FANDANGO! this guaranteed me a seat at this special 40th anniversary showing! THANKS!
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Always a "Tidal Wave" of Fun!

By disco4daze
Written May 10, 2017
Thee best disaster movie ever! The capsizing of the ship is just amazing and Shelley Winter's performance as Belle Rosen is splendid! I LOVE this movie! Watching it on the big screen is pure delight! All star cast is excellent and the special effects top-notch for that era in film making!
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Classic disaster movie at a classic theatre!

By psb1969
Written January 05, 2009
I invited my bf and 2 friends to attend the Jan. 2nd screening. It was awesome!
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Poseidon Adventure

By deweyinriverside
Written December 29, 2014
Great Classic Movie! Great Seeing It On The Big Screen!
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