Absolute craziness that is histerical!

By AmesJ
Written January 17, 2012
The entire movie is non stop raunchy comedy that kept me laughing the entire time. Mathew Lillard is still as funny as ever and Rachelle Lefevre does a great job as the local escort. For the guys there are super hot chicks in the whole movie and for the girls, Mathew Lillard, need I say anymore? If your looking for a non stop histerical movie with humorous situations and need a good laugh, this is it! A MUST BUY!
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The best thing on VOD!

By sethcooper2
Written November 05, 2011
I just watched this last night On Demand and you know I gotta say it was the funniest college hot chick flick I have seen in an eon! Efren Ramirez & Tom Arnold are hysterical in it and the jokes play well. The women are smoking hot and there is an abundance of them throughout the movie not to mention they are dressed in tiny little outfits. The tone of the film will remind you of movies like American Pie -- I mean this in a good way not as a rip off. Overall it was a very solid, very funny college movie with lots of laughs, hot babes and booze. As far as adolescent coming of age movies go, this one rocks!
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By doeeyez
Written January 19, 2012
Funniest movie I have seen in a while by far! Hilarious cast plot. Men dressed in dog outfits, peeing statues, sexy women and the cutie Brett Davern! What more could you ask for? Two words; Olive Garden! :)
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Funny, Pure Entertainment!!

By MJPerkins
Written January 17, 2012
After seeing Matthew Lillard in The Descendant I couldn't believe he was the same actor I had previously seen from The Pool Boys film. Wow, he's special actor. So brilliant and I knew he was ever since I first caught wind of him in Scream. Now a Golden Globe later and his role in The Pool Boys you really get a sense of the actors dexterity and commitment to each role he plays. The Pool Boys is a hilarious movie that pushes the limits. Alex Sterling (Brett Davern), a young man who's at the pinnacle of his life. On one side he's running towards his beautiful bright future. And on the other, loosing his college scholarship... and with that his only chance at funding his education into the Ivy League. Now imagine being an 18 year old boy, having the hottest girls in the world at your beacon call, and tons of cash. And it's all because of Cousin Roger played by Matthew Lillard who concocts a brilliant scheme To Make You The Biggest Pimp Beverly Hills Has Ever Seen.
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