Long Drawn Out

By BellyoftheBeast
Written April 17, 2013
There was just too much content to cover in the course of a movie. The movie covers 18 years with the result that characters and situations could not be fully developed. I just felt there was so much more to the story and that it just didn't get told.
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just short of a masterpiece

By fandecinema
Written April 17, 2013
an outstanding movie with real life feelings. Splendid acting . just one small reproach, it is slow a times , similar to european art movies. but overall outstanding !
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Ryan Gosling Fan

By TSMarafino
Written May 15, 2013
I went to this movie because I am a Ryan Gosling fan. I like the type of movie too. The whole project was well executed. All of the actors were superb.
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Meandering and uninteresting

By Gareborn
Written April 15, 2013
Although the actors in the film do a fantastic job, I did not find it very enjoyable to watch. It seemed to drag on quite a while. In fact, when the credits rolled my fellow moviegoer to my left said "Halleluia." I typically enjoy or find something interesting in most movies I see, unfortunately this one I could not. I often asked myself during the film what the point of the movie was. By the end, I was trying to review in my mind what the filmmaker wanted to say or what the message was, but there just didn't seem to be one. Skip it or see it on video if you are curious.
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The Place beyond the Pines

By senior fan
Written August 21, 2014
Want to go a little deeper into the human condition, the vulnerability and complexity of human nature, You came to the right "Place" and it's just beyond the Pines. What's a hero, what's a ner-do-well. The difference may not be as clear as you would hope. But the discovery resulted in a heaviness that was hard to watch as life played itself out generation to generation. Reminded a lot of CRASH, where seemingly unrelated stores come together..but this film keeps you focused on the theme through the generations. Acting, directing were first class, worthy of the art of film making by the third "chapter" of the film you get a sense of where it is doing and you want to step in and save them from themselves so you are frustrated in the fact you must simply watch it happen. The supporting cast is equally superb. The scene where Cooper is being interviewed by internal affairs after the shooting is so tense and revealing, you feel like you yourself are being questioned, and maybe we are
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