Could have been a miniseries

By suemarie
Written April 25, 2013
Way too long. I saw it because two of my favorite actors were in it. Ryan G. and Bradley C. were really good, but their talent was wasted on this convoluted, kind of boring saga that takes place over 17 years. Its a story about two men that take different paths that meet at different times in different ways. If it was about 30 minutes shorter it would be so much better. Not for kids.
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Gripping...A REAL FILM....No Fluff or TV Garbage Here...Totally Ticket Worthy

By Alon Patterson
Written July 31, 2015
Wow! After seeing 64 films on screen so far in 2013, FINALLY, a good one debuts. Frankly, the pabulum being slung across US malls and stadiums since January 1 was becoming nauseating to this audience member. Suddenly and at last, a story-driven, wholly immersive, edge of your seat, intensely engaging dramatic thriller! A-list cast, solid screenplay, near perfect execution-talent and technical. This one grabs you and doesn't let go until it fades to black. See it. You won't be disappointed. They just don't come much better than this.
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Beyond the Pines

By parrotjoe
Written January 29, 2015
This movie sucked. Don't waste your money. It had potential but never really developed into one decent story. I won't even bother to see it for free on TV. It will be on Netflix soon, that's how bad it was.
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The Place Beyond the Pines

By ddw817
Written July 08, 2015
Awful...awful...awful. Ryan Gossling was pretty good. So tired of waiting for Bradley Cooper to be a good actor. He is (in three words) Very Bad. This movie was a waste of time and money!! STINKS!!!
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Long, slow, believable, painful

By mbergmann
Written July 29, 2015
One of the saddest movies I have ever seen as it depicts generations of harm the characters do to each other without anyone, for one second, having any evil intent. There is little nobility, either, and a lot of the characters are willing to do things they know are not right in order to get some momentary advantage, but their moral compasses, intelligence and ingenuity are not up to the task of guiding them through the terrible situation they find themselves in. And that situation is life, neither at its best nor worst, in Schenectady, New York.
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