Go see it but...

By jfowl22
Written December 25, 2014
Overall, I really enjoyed this movie (and I love the actors that are in it). The problem was that it was a little slow and I felt like I was in the theater for a really long time.
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Long But Worth It

By sbhawn3636
Written December 21, 2014
Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper don't disappoint. Long-time Gosling fan since before Fracture. He has something like Depp's light but seductive appeal. Filmed in mostly tight shots (my fav!) and beautiful landscapes. Predictable ending, but worth watching. Ray Liotta's rep makes his short but intense role memorable. Could there be a sequel with the son?
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The Place beyond the Pines

By senior fan
Written October 04, 2014
Want to go a little deeper into the human condition, the vulnerability and complexity of human nature, You came to the right "Place" and it's just beyond the Pines. What's a hero, what's a ner-do-well. The difference may not be as clear as you would hope. But the discovery resulted in a heaviness that was hard to watch as life played itself out generation to generation. Reminded a lot of CRASH, where seemingly unrelated stores come together..but this film keeps you focused on the theme through the generations. Acting, directing were first class, worthy of the art of film making by the third "chapter" of the film you get a sense of where it is doing and you want to step in and save them from themselves so you are frustrated in the fact you must simply watch it happen. The supporting cast is equally superb. The scene where Cooper is being interviewed by internal affairs after the shooting is so tense and revealing, you feel like you yourself are being questioned, and maybe we are
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Like long, slow movies? Like staring at Bradley Cooper? Here's your movie....

By radio-addict
Written April 21, 2013
The trailers for this film imply some kind of high-tension cop movie featuring two of Hollywood's favorite leading men. It isn't. It is 180 degrees from a high-tension cop movie If you're a guy, take your date there as the camera is on both these guys for a long time (sequentially, almost never together) and that seems to satisfy the ladies. If you're a gal, please don't take a guy to this movie. He'll be doing everything he can not to check is his email.
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Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper win.

By JessicaKorn
Written September 18, 2014
RG & BC do a great job in this movie. Gosling's role reminds me exactly of his character in drive. The first half of the movie is great. However the second half, kind of drawn out. They could have easily cut the last hour in half. Other than that, interesting storyline and great actors.
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