Not for the narrowminded

By jade_darksteel
Written January 02, 2008
I have read all the comments & to answer the question, why is this movie being shown in theaters: It's so that one can take a person of any age & not be concerned about will there be cussing, will there be naked people, will I be ashamed to have seen it. We have seen this movie & it is very well done for people of all ages. This movie is awsome, well animated, great songs, great story, suttle references, & Oh No, a message!! If you need to have flesh & cussing go see another movie, there are more than enough to choose from! For age 3 to 43 & older this is an awesome, clean movie! I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO YOU ALL! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT THAN YOU DON'T KNOW WHETHER IT'S GOOD OR NOT! To all of you who wrote a poor review & haven't seen it, I dare you to go! As a matter of fact I double dare you to go & see for yourself. It might not be your cup of tea but it is well done & comical. If you go to make fun just remember how rude you think other people are in movies you are enjoying!
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Great for the whole family

By rmwilson222
Written January 03, 2008
I don't know why the people who put negative comments here even bothered. You obviously did to see the movie nor do you plan to. This movie wasn't made for the cynical minded secular crowd. It was made for people who value wholesome entertainment. This is not a specifically "Christian" movie either. Anyone who believes in God or who just loves cute humorous little veggies that make you chuckle and delight children will like this movie. I think it's great that they are taking on the big screen again. So, if you just want to slam Christians or make fun of the Veggietale guys, save it for your blog because your opinion isn't really warranted here.
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I love Veggies!

By homeschool4jmj
Written September 22, 2007
I have seen all of the Veggie tales. Can,t wait to see it. I'm that the're people who put Christain influence on kids.
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By Scrapper1018
Written January 18, 2008
It was all we hoped for! If anything, it was a little less SILLY than other Veggie Tale experiences, but my kids especially loved the Rock Monster (spoof Rock Lobster) which I of course enjoyed as well!
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who wants to watch veggies

By ibleedblueandgold
Written December 31, 2007
My mother in law is more of a meat fan
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