The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie Synopsis
Three vegetable friends seek the roots of true heroism during a 17th-century adventure.
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TV Guide

By Ken Fox
It's wholesome fun for the whole family.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Luke Sader
Slickly made -- in the good sense -- and most entertaining.
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Los Angeles Times

By Kevin Crust
Pirates relies more on classical and pop culture-driven references to deliver its worthwhile message.
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
Simple without being simple-minded, warm without worrying too much about being cool. It's agreeably silly fare for the very small set and...
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Washington Post

Clever enough to keep adults entertained, even if the story is something of an antique.
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By Justin Chang
Won't do anything for adult auds, but this second bigscreen adventure from the popular VeggieTales franchise should easily win over tots...
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

By Stephen Cole
Except for one memorable interlude, the film just doesn't have near enough fun blasting spitballs at "Pirates of the Caribbean."
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
My 3-year-old date had a fine time, pronouncing the movie "very good" and backing up her assessment by going 90 minutes with barely a...
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Austin Chronicle

By Marjorie Baumgarten
Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of … V8? That’s what you get when you cross VeggieTales characters with a pirate yarn.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
Veggie Tales is a faith-based franchise that uses a blend of a religious/moral message and humor to teach about honesty and forgiveness....
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Not for the narrowminded

By jade_darksteel
I have read all the comments & to answer the question, why is this movie being shown in theaters: It's so that one can take a person of any age & not be concerned about will there be cussing, will...

Great for the whole family

By rmwilson222
I don't know why the people who put negative comments here even bothered. You obviously did to see the movie nor do you plan to. This movie wasn't made for the cynical minded secular crowd. It was...

I love Veggies!

By homeschool4jmj
I have seen all of the Veggie tales. Can,t wait to see it. I'm that the're people who put Christain influence on kids....


By Scrapper1018
It was all we hoped for! If anything, it was a little less SILLY than other Veggie Tale experiences, but my kids especially loved the Rock Monster (spoof Rock Lobster) which I of course enjoyed as...

who wants to watch veggies

By ibleedblueandgold
My mother in law is more of a meat fan...

Amazing Movie!

By too2cool
This will be one of the best Veggie Tales movies! My children are all excited to see it....

The whole family loved it!

By cale2
We took our 4 and 2 year old to a preview screening. They both sat through the whole thing, laughed and cheered at the right parts and left asking to see it again. We plan on seeing it on opening...

Awedome Movie - funny, clever, interesting, great!

By gcfritz
I saw this movie at a preview a couple of weeks ago and my family really enjoyed it. We have 5 kids - ages 2 1/2 to 12 and they all really liked it. Fun and adventurous for the kids and a great...

Good movie for veggie tales fans - and others

By TheAlbrightFamily
My kids have been watching Veggie Tales for several years now... OK... I know all the words to the silly songs too! Great for the kids, somewhat Rocky and Bollwinke like in that there is some humor...

Veggie Tales: Pirates who don't do anything

By nmasterson
This movie was cute! Good story line, the unlikely heros saved the day.I was only disappointed that there wasn't more singing from the characters. Nancy...

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