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Cute Mommy and Me/ Dad and Me Movie

By Reece002
I took my 9 year old daughter out to see this movie, she did not really laugh or comment during the movie, (shes a pretty quite kid though) but she did say after watching it that she liked the 3D. I...

The Pirates

By bigsid02
Good enough but not necessarily for younger kids (took my grandson who is 4) and he didn't 'get' the jokes in the everyday conversation of the pirates. The characters in the movie are darling; so...

A fun movie -- both times we saw it :)

By KCBender
Clever dialogue, but not too clever... lots of quotable moments. It kept my two sons (ages 8 and 10) giggling the whole way home. My SO and enjoyed it both times we went. A definate "Yes!"...

Worst movie ever No Ishtar was the worst but this is close

By kentreiger
No wait you know this is the worst movie ever, becuse I could walk out of Ishtar. Because I brought my kids, I was stuck in this awfull movie unitl the end....

I enjoyed it...5 year old nephew fell asleep

By ctown344
I personally liked it because of the underlying things only adults would catch. I think my nephew may have been too young to actually enjoy it because it drags in the middle and his attention span is...

The Pirates!

By wbeatty
It's jam-packed full of wit and clever dialogue, delightful and endearing characters, and plot surprises. I highly recommend it for all ages, though adults will appreciate more of the humor. This...

This movie is totally funny

By gunnut1
This Ardaman movie is a hoot. It is funny, action packed, and a little sad in parts. My wife and I went and laughed at most of the movie. But, what we were laughing at are the inside jokes that no...

Pirates is a solidly British chuckle for grownups!

By LaurenB838
This film is not for everybody - in particular, it's not as good for children as the previews suggest. (My 9-yer-old daughter was bored to tears.) If, however, you love the work of Aardman Studios...


By rmwithey
There were moments of cuteness but half way through I was bored and considered actually leaving the show. It might be a little funnier with a glass of red wine on a Friday night at home with your...


By jvjburton
Very entertaining and clever ... wonderful harmless adult humor as is Disney's forte so that adults and children alike will love it. Our three-year-old fell asleep in the middle (not because the movie...

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