Commericals where the funniests parts

By movie_madness777
Written March 29, 2017
Let me say the positive first....animation was off the hook great. The bad part, it wasn't as funny as I thought it was going to be. I don't know if it was the british humor, but, I just didn't get it. My friend and I went together, she fell asleep half way through and I dozed towards the end. I like Wallace and Grommit, but this wasn't that good as far as story line....again, animation was AMAZING!
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The Pirates! Band of Misfits

By kelliclunn
Written March 26, 2017
Although some of the humor was a little over my 9 year olds head . . .. he just didn't get the :Elephant Man" reference, we both enjoy this movie very much. Because of those over-his-head references I enjoyed it and it loved the rest.
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Sophistication and Silliness

By arcgue
Written July 30, 2016
For young children unfamiliar with the likes of Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria, Jane Austin and the Elephant Man, some aspects of this entertaining romp may pass them by. Not to worry. While those historical figures, and their irreverent presentation, will amuse their parents, there's enough going on in this movie to keep everyone on board. Hugh Grant adds a perfect combination of pomposity and insecurity in playing the role of Pirate Captain.
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Not quite what I expected

By MichelleHogue
Written September 27, 2016
The movie was cute and engaging - enough fun to keep adults entertained as well as their children. It just turned out to be something different than I expected. I'm not sure it is entirely appropriate for I guess the PG rating is appropriate.
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Save your money

By dherber
Written April 29, 2012
This was a total waste of time and definitely did not live up to the three months of hype that they had been playing. My 9 year old thought some parts were funny but it was not worth going. Save your money and wait for a better show. The action and acting was subpar. It dragged on and on. We enjoyed Three Stooges two weeks ago though. That movie was excellent.
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