Pink Panther

By conradwsba1
Written March 29, 2009
This was a really good movie. But I had a hard time understanding the words.
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Yet another movie that debases its past

By PythonFan
Written July 23, 2008
Unfortunately, despite Steve Martin's efforts, this attempt at "updating" The Pink Panther is a failure. Like so many other attempts like it, the original movies are superior in every way. If you've never heard of the first Pink Panther movies, and liked this one, do yourself a favor and pick the original Peter Sellers movies (there are several Pink Panthers). If you hated this one, again, do yourself a favor and pick up the Pink Panther's starring Peter Sellers. Don't give up on the Pink Panther just yet--Sellers is a pure comedy genius in the role of Inspector Clouseau. Steve Martin is simply trying to be Peter Sellers, and failing on an epic level.
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