Do you read a book before seeing the movie?

Written February 24, 2017
This is always a tough one for me. I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower and had high expectations for the movie. This movie was artfully done - not like the American Pie series. It was tasteful when it came to tough subjects like alcohol and drugs while still getting the point across. I was not thrilled wiht some of the scenes left out from the book. I know they only have so much time on screen, but I thought some of the scenes were relative to the story. Someone that did not read the book may not have the background needed to understand some issues. Overall, a great movie!
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Daddy daughter date night

By ssivak
Written March 23, 2017
took my 15 year old to what I thought was going to be another mindless teenage high school flick. GREAT surprise! Funny, heartwarming, and terrific acting. Highly recommend!
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A real-life peek of our world today

By leamu
Written October 26, 2016
Really well done and not the usual special effects, foul language or abundant sex that so many other movies need to just be OK. A surprising story line - revealed toward the end of the movie - and characters that don't require a lot of immagination to believe. Really, for everyone.
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By Trooper1
Written June 30, 2016
It was an awesome, awesome Pittsburgh Movie! The cast was exceptional and they did an awesome job with our city! Must see! Don't miss this. Saw twice already! Exceptional movie reminding us what kids go thru just to fit in!
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A bittersweet tale

By L80Vol
Written May 25, 2015
This movie is an appealing addition to the "how-awful-is-high school" genre. The performances of the main characters and the supporting cast are at points compelling, and they carry the story. The plot details are revealed slowly, which helps hold audience interests. I recommend seeing it once. I am not sure it's worth seeing multiple times, however.
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