And In That Moment I Swear I Was Infinite

By nycgirl223
Written September 28, 2016
This is one of the best books I have read and this movie was the best adaptation that it could possibly be. I loved it! This movie will make you laugh and cry. I just can't even put into words how good this was and how everybody should go see it so this movie can change your life like the book changed mine.
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Best Book to Movie

By mrs.capt.kirk51
Written September 29, 2016
This was a great movie, a wonderful coming of age story. It is one of the best book to movie adaptations I have ever seen, probably due to the author of the book also being the screen writer and director. I think the movie was well cast and the actors were spot on. I recommend this to anyone who has ever felt alone in the world. I really can't say enough good about this movie.
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Better than the book

By NYPerson1
Written February 07, 2016
I thought the book was a little too cute and contrived. But, on the screen, the story really opens up and all of the actors give solid performances. I almost didn't recognize Joan Cusack--who doesn't get nearly enough work.
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By illusiognarly
Written September 30, 2016
infinite... that's what this movie will be. A new cult classic! Charlies journey to find himself is a wonderful uplifting struggle against the days of high school i was instantly transported to the days i both hated and loved. Go see it with a good friend
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Great Movie! Great Performances.

By sparkvark111
Written February 12, 2016
I just saw the movie today and it was very well put together. Everyone’s performances where top notch and very genuine. Some of the situations in the book where presented very subtlety for the film or unsaid. Stephen Chbosky just let the dialog and the natural camaraderie developed during the filming drive this movie; this is very evident.
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