Great Adaptation

By izzepie
Written September 30, 2012
This movie was exactly what I wanted it to be from the book. All of the essential points from the book were very well incorporated. I absolutely loved this movie. Definitely a must see, but I would advise reading the book before hand.
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The Perks

By zenchinc
Written September 22, 2014
"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" is a fun, sad, nostalgic film that recall to mind for this reviewer old high school adventures and relationships. That sense of yearning is felt in the movie as well as the novel it is based on. What is great in the film adaptation is that you can actually hear the songs mentioned in the novel and see the visual descriptions which match well. I'm glad that the author of the novel was able to write and direct the film because the adaptation is in the same voice and it works.
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First-rate movie!

By Neutron Man
Written October 08, 2012
I don't often find movies that I would consider watching a second time, but this one qualifies. I really liked the development of the characters throughout the movie, and the themes dealing with starting high school, high school relationships, and messed up parents/relatives are easily relatable to real life. I took my 12 year old to see it, but he is a pretty sophisticated and mature movie-goer, and I wouldn't recommend this movie for anyone under the age of 16 due to the mature themes and drug use in the movie.
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Go, go and go, share the love, learn from many

By setmedic
Written September 18, 2014
Have experienced this and MORE, so how being bullied can be tuff and molested(by a close relative, not by a dirty old man with a bag of candy). Take friends, NOT for young kids. Enjoy
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Teenagers should see this!

By suemarie
Written October 03, 2012
Fantastic movie about teenagers during the school year. It shows how difficult it can be to be different and to try to make friends. The main character has a heartbreaking story and he finds help from his new friends. The soundtrack is great and Paul Rudd has an uncredited role as a teacher we all wish we had. Good for all ages over 10 or so.
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