And in that Moment...I Swear, we Were Infinent

By aagilea95
Written January 30, 2015
This movie is for everyone. Almost every teen in this world could relate to this movie, it's inspiring and helps everyone (even adults) in a problem or issue they faces. The acting is awesome and this movie deserves rewards.
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Well worth seeing.

By atnfan
Written December 19, 2012
An excellent movie with moving, nuanced performances by the lead actors. I found myself engaged and actually caring about what happens to the main characters. The film deftly handled the troubling issue of child abuse and the subsequent emotional scars left behind. Anyone who has ever felt that they didn't quite fit in will find some character to identify with.
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This movie reminded me how painful high school was!

By pedsarq
Written December 18, 2014
We were all awkward freshmen and cool seniors once upon a time. This movie nails the high school experience and will bring back some wonderfully painful memories. There's plenty of music, partying, first-time sex, and abuse in this movie. Go see it because you'll get to relive some of those experience while watching a terrifically crafted film.
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What an AMAZING film!

By tyedi66
Written November 04, 2012
I knew little about the movie and was definitely not the 'target audience' for the movie as I'm in my mid 40's but something compelled me to go see it anyway.... and am I GLAD I DID! What an amazing film. I can say nothing negative about it, it has absolutely everything going for it. The characters were so likeable, the storyline was very endearing and the acting/actors were INCREDIBLE. It is one of those movies that I will never forget. It is definitely on the top of the list of my favorites movies and I will be seeing it again as soon as it's available to purchase. I would say this is the definition of a 'MUST SEE' movie!!!
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Fans of the book: you have little to fear

By mommythek
Written January 30, 2015
When the book first came out, it was well above the average YA fiction out there. It's become de rigeur for outsider, misfit kids to pick up a copy, and I know when the film finally began production, many were worried that it would be a disappointment. Pleased to say that, on the whole, it hit all the right notes. The passion, intensity, self-deprecating humor, sadness--it's all there. There were a few minor plot changes from the novel, but the author was so involved in making this movie that there was no way he was going to abandon his own characters and the principles behind his work. Casting was excellent. The 6 or 7 main teen characters were all very convincing...adults a little more clueless than necessary, but fit the story's purpose. Music was a little anachronistic--would the kids who were so into The Smiths really not recognize David Bowie? Could ANYONE get that excited about "Come on, Eileen"? If you HAVEN'T read the book, but consider yourself sensitive, then go.
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