The Perfect Game

By Ronnie007
Written July 25, 2008
“The Perfect Game” this was a very good movie with a touching story about a bunch of kids in a small poor town in Mexico. The boys got together with Cesar (Clifton Collins Jr.) who had a background in baseball who coached the kids to win the Little League World Championship. The movie brought out all the up’s and down’s in training from scratch, kids that new very little about playing baseball. This movie was a little emotional and it keeps you cheering for the Mexican team. This movie was taken from a true story of how kids from a poor town made it big in little league baseball. The acting was excellent and I liked the way they blended in the original black and white movie scenes into the movie itself. A must see for all ages.
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By MissUSAMissUniverse
Written July 19, 2008
omg. i just love baseball, love movies, and LOVE Jake T. Austin. this movie's gonna rock!
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Great movie

By tymothi83
Written July 21, 2008
I got to see this movie with my wife and friend at a movie preview. It was really good, it begins a little slow but half way through the movie it gets to be great. They show clips of the real team at times through the movie so you can get a feel of what it really looked like in that time. There was no cussing, this is an incredible family film.
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By brennenbubba
Written July 14, 2013
It was a fun movie to watch and was very amusing, lots of people that love sports I guarantee that you will love this movie, I am a baseball fan but this movie was great, though I only watched it once, if I watch it again i would have a good chance of giving it a MUST GO. But for now ill give it a GO. Edited: GO
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They Don't Make Movies Like This Anymore

By al_soto
Written April 18, 2010
What a fantastic movie. People who grew up poor or suffered to get ahead will adore this heart warming movie of the Little League Team That Could. Cheech Morin was incredible in a clean, inspiring role. The kid actors were hilarious and had that chemistry that captures a baseball team spirit. Movie takes place in 1950's Mexico in a village of humble, devout folks. For once, there is no ugly violence, naked bodies sexing it up, obscene words, or preachy Hollywood politicizing. Baseball fans should love the historical drama. Some folks wept at the inspiring ending. This is the rare movie that will make it to my DVD library.
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