The Perfect Game Synopsis
A ragtag team from Monterrey, Mexico, enters the 1957 Little League World Series.
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The Perfect Game

By Ronnie007
“The Perfect Game” this was a very good movie with a touching story about a bunch of kids in a small poor town in Mexico. The boys got together with Cesar (Clifton Collins Jr.) who had a background...

Great movie

By tymothi83
I got to see this movie with my wife and friend at a movie preview. It was really good, it begins a little slow but half way through the movie it gets to be great. They show clips of the real team at...


By MissUSAMissUniverse
omg. i just love baseball, love movies, and LOVE Jake T. Austin. this movie's gonna rock!...


By brennenbubba
It was a fun movie to watch and was very amusing, lots of people that love sports I guarantee that you will love this movie, I am a baseball fan but this movie was great, though I only watched it...

great movie

By kinokobieta
I loved this movie! Great story and interesting storytelling. Loved the interweaving of news clips of the actual game. Also I really appreciated the realistic way Cesar handled the racism and...

They Don't Make Movies Like This Anymore

By al_soto
What a fantastic movie. People who grew up poor or suffered to get ahead will adore this heart warming movie of the Little League Team That Could. Cheech Morin was incredible in a clean, inspiring...

I want to see it again

By Normcal
No blood, no love scenes; just hard drive by kids born into poverty. Kids who do not have any drive and adults alike will enjoy this movie. The locations were alive....

The Perfect Game

By mamma2
I took my two daughters (8 and 9) and a little friend of theirs. They really enjoyed this movie. I really enjoyed this movie as well. A great lesson to be learned....don't give up on your goals, you...

Five Word Review

By LIZU2276
True story of baseball inspirational...

Great Movie. Take the Family

By jmccloy77
This is a really good movie for all ages. Very good story about the 1957 little league team. it tells you what the boys went up against back in those days. Just a bunch of kids wanting the...

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Rated PG | For some thematic elements
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Common Sense Media says Sentimental, inspiring tale about Little League underdogs.
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