The Perfect Family

By Robinchad
Written May 06, 2012
This movie provided a very realistic example of what would occur when a woman who desires absolution for her past sins via winning a Catholic Woman of the Year award struggles to make her family "perfect," which, in the eyes of the church, is far from it. It remained respectful on all levels -- to the church, to the family members and their lifestyles, and it had a perfect ending. It showed me that what is "perfect" is being happy and thankful for what you have. Great acting, humorous, and Kathleen Kennedy's facial expressions are worth a million words! I recommend it! Thanks to Jason Ritter (actor) and Cora Olson (producer) for coming to a Q & A after the movie!
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By Peneflix
Written May 16, 2012
Watching this film, Karl Marx's decree "religion is the opium of the people" kept galloping through my mind; religion can be addictive, controlling, destructive, resulting in anything but perfection. ..... A "host" of placid, one-dimensional characters rob the film of any depth or adhesive power. Devoted, dedicated Catholics will writhe with justified ire, when in a heated argument Eileen screams "I don't have to think, I am a Catholic". All prayed for a "final conclusion", not caring a hoot whether she wins the Catholic Woman of the Year award; her competition was a vindictive, mean-spirited, snipe of a woman. The hierarchy are painted in beige, barely human hues. I did like the end of "The Perfect Family" but not enough to redeem the pain of having to view such drivel; on the plus side, in the witnessing process, sins of the past, present and future have been expunged. ONE & 1/2 STARS! for full review please visit ***
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Laugh out loud funny and incredibly heartfelt

By jesball
Written May 14, 2012
I really loved this movie. It's all about the love and family relationships. The director, Anne Renton, led us (the audience) on a family journey of perfect imperfection, letting us feel our bodies bubble with laughter in one moment and cry tears of loss and joy in other moments. The acting was superb with veteran actress Kathleen Turner leading the cast. It was nice to see Emily Deschanel in a different role from her Bones character. I highly recommend it to all families, although keep in mind it's PG-13 rating.
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