• Comedy
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A former UK soccer star whose career was sidelined by glaucoma subsists on the glory of his past victories until an American expatriate with a fondness for the film Get Carter comes into his life looking for a good time. Lee Vaughan had it all - respect, money, sex, superstardom - but the athlete who was the top scorer in 1992 is about to take a mighty fall. Two years after being diagnosed with glaucoma, Vaughan is legally blind and off the field for good. He still has the memories, but memories can't satisfy the need for a good game and a few solid goals. Just when it seems that all hope for a happy future is lost, into Vaughan's life strolls Charlie Howard. Twenty years ago, an impressionable Howard saw Michael Caine in Get Carter, and decided to leave the USA for the UK. Now he's found a blind man looking to play some soccer, and that seems like the perfect antidote the boredom he's been experiencing as of late. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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