The Pastor Event Synopsis
Fathom Events is partnering with WolfGang Cinema, the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), and ENLACE TV to present the groundbreaking national cinema event, The Pastor, in a special one-night event on Monday, January 25.

Movie Reviews

The Pastor

By tfhenkel
The movie was extremely relevant and could have taken place in many cities across our country. It awakens an awareness of what life is like in that setting and how hard it is to live a life separate...

Inspiration-Good wins over Evil

By rjones11302016310
Arturo Muyshondt was inspiring in The Pastor and provides hope for many with or without faith! I was delighted to see the filmmaker step out of the box with this Christian based story of Good vs Evil...

Actually I want my money back

By hterza4
I had a very bad experience. The movie started 7:35pm instead 7:00pm. The movie is very bad. Looks like they try to send a message and is very poor....

By margievictoria
Was hoping to see a more evangelical approach to working in communities vs. gang behavior. Great effort to continue to bring Christian themes to the screen. I enjoyed the interviews at the end of the...

The Pastor

By vincentquiocho
I'm sorry it was just very dull and boring . although I do appreciate the message and agree with him completely I just don't think movies is what God is calling this man to do. I'm sorry.....

Want to see more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful initial wide release effort!! Kinda raw but that's what I expected and wanted. I'm so tired of all the "major" formula movies on the scene. I'll always chose the "out of the box" movie...


By Gsansivar
A lot of positive messages through the whole movie...

A must see

By sonjaglz

The Pastor doesn't disappoint

By vanbrc
Enjoyable movie with a good message behind it that is relatable to the real world. Acting for the most part was well done and cinematography was great. Good movie for kids and adults. I would...

Awesome movie!!!

By PCarlosAyala
Highly recommended!!!...

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Rated PG-13