The Past

By mariacozzi
Written January 08, 2014
A modern day tragedy. It's a very compelling movie that draws you in and keeps you at the edge of your seat with it's quiet intensity and multiple revelations. It's a great screenplay and amazing given that the director is not French.
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A Great Talent

By MarcTwang
Written February 11, 2014
This director is such a breath of fresh air. He creates characters and situations which feel palpably real even when part of a foreign culture. He's a humanist with a talent for dramatizing the complications of daily life. "The Past" is not quite as good as "A Separation" (the best film of 2011), but work of this caliber deserves to be seen.
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The Past is brilliant

By boucher78703
Written February 21, 2014
This movie, paced perfectly to suit its subject matter, is a brilliant study of the ambiguity in all human relationships. It might well, over coming years, be seen as one of the truly great achievements in cinema.
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By kmoazzemi
Written March 05, 2014
I'm usually not the touchy feely guy but it was a very nice movie. couple of exiting twists and turns. beautifully describing everyday life in concept of complicated situation between two families. One of the films you enjoy it while watching and talk about it afterwards.
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Another great Movie

By pclemor
Written February 16, 2014
No fight, no screen effect no sex...and still a movie which hold you until the very last image
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