What was the point of this movie?

By elcid74
Written June 27, 2016
The acting was well done but the screenplay was a disaster. I walked away wondering what was the point of it all? One of the most disappointing movies I ever saw!
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By geoelevation25
Written October 01, 2016
I had low expectations for this movie but I was in shock afterwards. It wasn't great but it was very good. It's Zac Efron's best by a mile. Thanks for letting me have fun.
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The trailer editor was awesome - the movie...not so much

By aniramer
Written October 05, 2015
Saw the trailer and thought, wow, this looks great. The movie - clearly it was adapted from a book, but they missed a bunch. Weirdness abounds (and don't get me wrong, I like weird) Disappointing - with this cast of great actors - we could have done better. Boo.
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Ok movie...

By Sombrita
Written September 27, 2016
I read a few of the reviews on here and curious to go see this movie; as a plus, pro reviewers didn't like it which can be a good sign as a lot of them are part of a 'system' which pushes a certain marketing agenda. All that being said, the movie wasn't as good in my opinion. A lot of the acting and direction seemed a bit contrived. For example, the way in which the characters 'talked' over each other (the first garage scene) was an attempt to give the dialogue a feeling of authenticity, but all it did is give the scene an 'actey' feeling...There were a lot of scenes that played out in this way. Don't get me wrong, there were things I liked about the movie. There was great suspense in the climactic sequence and an amazing performance by John Cuzak (who is an actor I don't particularly like otherwise) even if he 'dropped' his accent a couople of times (which btw, the character 'Jack' did constantly); but overall the movie seemed contrived. I'm amazed Macy Gray gets calls acting!!
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Not my thing

By Chocevar3
Written December 06, 2016
I did not realize how conservative I was until I saw this movie. The actors did a great job playing each character but I was left to wonder how disturbing it actually was once I sat through it. Just glad it is over and it was not for me.
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