The Paperboy Synopsis
A reporter returns to his Florida hometown to write about a possibly innocent death-row inmate.
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Seedy, dirty little secrets

By pedsarq
I enjoyed all the dirty little secrets and flawed characters that drive the plot of this seedy Florida swamp thriller. The story is simple. Two investigative reporters from Miami go to a small town...

The Paperboy

By kaimakan
Worst movie of 2012. Lee Daniels can't direct actors and has no sense of pace or style. Nicole Kidman should take a vacation for embarrassment, Matthew McConaughey destroys all the good will he has...


By Peneflix
This film is so good that even after hours of mental marinating it is impossible to escape the aura of its mastery. Lee Daniels ("Precious") is fearless and at times controversial in his selection...

Good and lurid

By michaeldj68
A lot of critics are hating this movie, but I loved it and so did the friend with whom I saw it. The film is lurid, pulpy, trashy and very interesting. I was horrified and entertained all at once. ...

The Paperboy

By galenmcooper
Dark and disturbing story with award worthing performances by 3 actors who had to have stepped way out of their comfort zone. Zac Efron--intense and emotional, John Cusack--convincingly...

The trailer editor was awesome - the movie...not so much

By aniramer
Saw the trailer and thought, wow, this looks great. The movie - clearly it was adapted from a book, but they missed a bunch. Weirdness abounds (and don't get me wrong, I like weird)...

What was the point of this movie?

By elcid74
The acting was well done but the screenplay was a disaster. I walked away wondering what was the point of it all? One of the most disappointing movies I ever saw!...


By geoelevation25
I had low expectations for this movie but I was in shock afterwards. It wasn't great but it was very good. It's Zac Efron's best by a mile. Thanks for letting me have fun....

Ok movie...

By Sombrita
I read a few of the reviews on here and curious to go see this movie; as a plus, pro reviewers didn't like it which can be a good sign as a lot of them are part of a 'system' which pushes a certain...

Not my thing

By Chocevar3
I did not realize how conservative I was until I saw this movie. The actors did a great job playing each character but I was left to wonder how disturbing it actually was once I sat through it. ...

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Rated R | For Strong Sexual Content, Language and Violence
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Common Sense Media says Lurid, depraved, messy crime story with lots of sex.
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