The Overnight Synopsis
Alex, Emily, and their son, RJ, have recently moved to Los Angeles’ Eastside from Seattle. Feeling lost in a new city, they are desperate to find their first new friends.
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Quick and funny!

By Madscijon3
The Overnight is a well acted, quick paced hilarious and shocking comedy. It also touches on some deeper ideas about parenthood and aging. I highly recommend it!...

Very good comedy tho a little fat-fetched IMO!

By sbt427n
Of course, the script was dreamed up. It's all right since it was meant for laughter. We heard laughing and giggling throughout, proof of its worthiness as comedy. The script is a little...

Not impressed.

By kermit1983
I get it. It suppose to be original semi drama semi comedy. Still, too many d*cks were on that large screen. Cheap joke....

Smart, Adult, Funny!

By bellavida

Progressive and eye opening

By Tomgroenwald
I found this movie timely as it touches on issues that are progressive and right for the world as it is today....

loved it

By joeycstyle
great performances but everyone...funny, awkward, unexpected and eye opening. adam scott and jason schwartzman were amazing together....laugh out loud worthy for sure...

Wild and weird

By dannypants
Uptight couple meets over the top hip couple. Good times! See it!...


By davidkolling
I am a big fan of both Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling, but this movie was terrible. It was a stretch to begin with and moved at a clunky pace, going back and forth between wanting to be a drama and...

Not kid friendly.

By OuthouseOfHorror
A very adult comedy with some genuinely funny moments. The stuff of some dreams and possibly a few nightmares. This is not a kid friendly movie so do not take them to it. #ReviewsInFive #shareAMC?...

don't bother

By lbayer
wanted to see "Piper"... she can really act, however ZERO stars for this film...

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Rated R | For Strong Sexuality, Graphic Nudity, Language and Drug Use