Honestly went for the Star power?

By subxerogravity
Written February 12, 2014
I went to see this movie because of the recognizable names of Shannon Elisabeth, Jason Patrick, and James Caan, but looking back at it, I’m not sure why. There was a time when having all three in a movie would seem like the ****, but I’m not sure if all their 15 mins ever overlapped with each other. The movie is about a father who finds out his daughter’s dead and goes to LA to ID a body that turns out not to be his daughter. When I read this description I assumed given the actors evolved that James Caan was the dad, Shannon Elisabeth was the daughter, and Jason Patrick had something to do with her going missing, but instead all three top names play mostly back seat drivers to some British actor behind the wheel who’s most likely a bigger draw in the UK than he is here. The movie is very genetic and bland and kind of goes fully by the numbers for an action flick with nothing really sticking out to impress me. Although I did love James Caan in it.
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