• Released
  • August 29, 2003
  • Romantic Comedy
    Musical Comedy
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Spanish filmmaker Emilio Martinez-Lazaro directs the musical comedy El Otro Lado De La Cama (The Wrong Side of the Bed). The farcical story involves the romantic betrayals and couplings between Pedro (Guillermo Toledo), Paula (Natalia Verbeke), Javier (Ernesto Alterio), and Sonia (Paz Vega). When Paula breaks up with Pedro, he hires a private detective, Sagaz (Ramon Barea), to follow her. She's really dating Javier, who tries to get Pedro to date Pilar (Maria Esteve). Pedro eventually dates Sonia, whom Javier believes is dating lesbian actress Lucia (Nathalie Poza). This romantic comedy incorparates '80s-style song and dance numbers into the narrative. Also starring Alberto San Juan as the cab driver Rafa. ~ Andrea LeVasseur, Rovi

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