Who Cares Who is the Other Man?

Written September 28, 2009
Right up front, the actors in this little movie are the only reason to go see it. Their past stellar work as artists was enough to get my husband and I to purchase tickets and drive to a theater 30 minutes from home. They did superior work with an inferior script and woefully weak plotline. This type of movie is only shown in "art houses" and my suburb of Southern Califonia is too plebean to support such a facility so we chose to seek out this movie in a ritzier suburb near the beach where, of course, since the people have more money then they must have more sense of appreciatiation for this type of movie. So the logic goes. The reality is that since they have more money and are striving to appear to know more, they will plunk down good cash and actually think they saw something in The Other Man. Whereas my husband and I were left wondering, why did they bother to make this movie since no one really care by the end of it who the other man is?! Bottom line--Netflix it.
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other man....

By Tradeitup
Written October 11, 2009
I enjoyed many parts of the movie but there were parts that left a tad bit confused. I do like the body of the movie and if the producer would of put more content of her leaving and why she left in the beginning it would of made more sense to me. But on a scale of 1-10 i would give it a 7. i think the acting was decent.
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Pie in the sky

By watchitthinkaboutit2010
Written September 04, 2010
How sad that two great actors are so desperate to make a buck they agreed to do this movie. The reason I rented the movie was because I had hopes that these two great actors would make an enjoyable evening. Not. Not. Not again. Very stupid story line, I can't belive they agreed to play the parts. It just goes to show that anything goes. Liam loved his wife, she lied to him, was unfaithful to him, dies without telling him but still tries to clear her conscience, only by putting a huge burdon on him and his daughter. Stupid story line. Play Scrabble instead. Why are these two guys selling themselves short ? Ugh. For Liam to go from Taken to this is like going from filet mignon to beef jerky warmed up in the microwave with mustard on it.
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