Great movie!!!

By kickoride82
Written August 05, 2010
@timtech and Android29 if u don like will ferrell and his movies then DON"T WATCH THEM WOW HOW HARD IS THAT???? but dont ruin it for the rest of us who enjoy a TRUE COMEDIAN that has such dry sense of humor. OF COURSE HIS JOKES WILL B SIMILAR ISNT THAT WHAT ALL COMEDIANS DO? THEY STICK 2 A CERTAIN TYPE OF COMEDY?? anyways thought the movie was funny needed a better plot but it worked.
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By Camman10
Written August 07, 2010
This movie is a true comedy. Some movies fall within the structure of reality and happen to be funny. This one pulls no punches and leaves reality behind from the very first scene. You would think that the repeated use of several bits might get old, but somehow it just works here. As with any movie there is bound to be a couple slow spots, but for the most part this was a grade A laugh fest. My sides and face hurt from laughing and smiling for an hour and a half. If you love comedy and don't have a stick up your A**, you will love this film.
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Cinamatographic Masterpiece....But Lacking of Female Nudity

By DixieCarpenterVegas
Written August 10, 2010
Anyone who does not "like" Will Ferrell can pretty much stop reading this now.But before you go here is a final tip for you...don't go see his are too F*&%ing stupid to understand his genius. Now for you enlightened souls who are still with me, my only question to you is what are you waiting for? DVD? Get off your ass, grab your lady and say "baby I am taking you out tonight!" Upon arrival, buy a s&%#load of popcorn & candy and find a good seat right in front. Oh, and I almost forgot, be sure to power up before you go into the theater or pack some brownies. This movie is piss your pants funny. A classic. Had a hint of a Fletch feel to it. Wahlberg is funny. Ferrell is a madman genius. Keaton is funny too. When you go to the office the next day...ask your co-workers if they saw the movie... If anyone says yes and provides any disparaging have my permission to spit in their face and call them an idiot...
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Abosultely Hilarious!

By Kate L
Written September 05, 2010
The other Guys is a send-up of cop dramas that makes fun of all the cliches. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg pay it straight while being very funny. The movie manages to be a cut above the usual laugh-a-minute crude joke fest and even attempts to educate, although you might not even notice.
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Laugh Out Loud Riot

By jmccloy77
Written August 08, 2010
This movie was soooo hilarious. You will be laughing throughout the whole movie. Its funny how i read what others thought, and i guess some get offended by some of the jokes that were made against certain races. I guess they dont watch other movies. Its comedy people. Nothing wrong with it. But the movie was funny. I guarantee you will be laughing throughout the whole movie. It was fun to watch. Definately go see it.
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