The Other Guys Synopsis
A forensic accountant and a trigger-happy detective attempt to improve upon their "B team" status.
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Great movie!!!

By kickoride82
@timtech and Android29 if u don like will ferrell and his movies then DON"T WATCH THEM WOW HOW HARD IS THAT???? but dont ruin it for the rest of us who enjoy a TRUE COMEDIAN that has such dry sense...


By Camman10
This movie is a true comedy. Some movies fall within the structure of reality and happen to be funny. This one pulls no punches and leaves reality behind from the very first scene. You would think...

Cinamatographic Masterpiece....But Lacking of Female Nudity

By DixieCarpenterVegas
Anyone who does not "like" Will Ferrell can pretty much stop reading this now.But before you go here is a final tip for you...don't go see his are too F*&%ing stupid to understand his...

Abosultely Hilarious!

By Kate L
The other Guys is a send-up of cop dramas that makes fun of all the cliches. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg pay it straight while being very funny. The movie manages to be a cut above the usual...

Laugh Out Loud Riot

By jmccloy77
This movie was soooo hilarious. You will be laughing throughout the whole movie. Its funny how i read what others thought, and i guess some get offended by some of the jokes that were made against...

A Surprising Night With The Other Guys

By judemovies
I wasn't expecting a movie quite like this. It was a pleasant surprise and relief that I didn't waste my money on another loser summer movie. No 3D was needed here to enhance what isn't there. The...

Five Word Review

By trufflelady
stupid wasteoftime slow lame typicalwillmovie...

A Charmingly Ridiculous Comedy.

By Paradoxically
Walking into the theater, I will honestly say that I was not expecting much from The Other Guys. After a few utterly ridiculous jokes and booming laughter from the (clearly) entertained crowd,...

Terrible, way too political

By chasicle
There were a few quality jokes where I laughed pretty hard. The rest, not very funny. Mark Wahlberg tried to be funny, but wasn't. Will Ferrell was ok, but his jokes got stale as the movie went...

Five Word Review

By michelleroethle
will Ferril Was pretty funny...

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sexual content, violence, some drug material and language
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Common Sense Media says Quirky buddy comedy mixes action, some raunchy stuff.
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