can't wait

By Tiger_Sway
Written January 17, 2008
I read the novel, it's really good, i can't wait to see the movie. Eric Bana's too cute to be Henry VIII. this movie's gonna be great. especially if you watch The Tudors
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I can't wait!!

By ahdolphins
Written November 07, 2007
I've read this book and absolutely can't wait for the movie!! I've been on the author's website who stated that we should be happy with the movie because they followed pretty closely. I love Philippa Gregory and her style of writing. I've read all of her books on the Tudor period and can't wait for the next one to come out in 2008!! I think they chose pretty well for casting, even Eric Bana, because Henry VIII was young once and very much admired. We just don't see portraits of him until after he gained the weight. We shall see!! I hope they follow closely too with The Boleyn Inheritance!
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its all good!

Written December 02, 2007
I read the book and it was really good. Henry VIII and all of his wives are probably my favorite historical event to learn more about. Regardless of that, Natalie Poortman is my absloute favorite actress. I love the story, i've read the book, and it has my favorite actress, a movie cannot be anymore perfect! I am so psyched!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Amazing Costumes!!!

By salsaconclase
Written March 02, 2008
Good characters portrayal...A few omited scenes/details from the book...some "misplaced" statements/sentences, but overall it remained pretty "true to the book" version. Eric Bana looks amaaaaazing!!! Cath.
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Must go, really!!!

By daisy334
Written March 14, 2008
It's a really good movie but no "Pride and Prejudice" Im sorry this movie was about lust not love. I did not feel the love and the desperation for two hearts to join as one. It was more on who will win, and who will gain more. Two sisters fighting over a man is beyond me. This movie should be rated R. BUT..... Bottom line....Performance and acting was great. I was a bit desapointed at the writtersfor leaving parts off from the book. I understand he/she has to make it interesting and give it some action, but realize that most of your audience are women, and we want the drama. The book is one of my favorites. This movie overall was in one word, spectacular. Great casting, and great acting. Moving, heart racing, sad, and leaves you thinking. Makes you care of what you love most, you don't find good movies like this these days. I hope to see more from this director. Next time though a romance like pride and prejudice. SHOULD BE AN OSCAR WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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