The Other Boleyn Girl Synopsis
British sisters Anne and Mary Boleyn compete for the affections of King Henry VIII.
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can't wait

By Tiger_Sway
I read the novel, it's really good, i can't wait to see the movie. Eric Bana's too cute to be Henry VIII. this movie's gonna be great. especially if you watch The Tudors...

I can't wait!!

By ahdolphins
I've read this book and absolutely can't wait for the movie!! I've been on the author's website who stated that we should be happy with the movie because they followed pretty closely. I love Philippa...

its all good!

I read the book and it was really good. Henry VIII and all of his wives are probably my favorite historical event to learn more about. Regardless of that, Natalie Poortman is my absloute favorite...

Amazing Costumes!!!

By salsaconclase
Good characters portrayal...A few omited scenes/details from the book...some "misplaced" statements/sentences, but overall it remained pretty "true to the book" version. Eric Bana looks...

Must go, really!!!

By daisy334
It's a really good movie but no "Pride and Prejudice" Im sorry this movie was about lust not love. I did not feel the love and the desperation for two hearts to join as one. It was more on who will...

Good date movie

By GumbiCrewForever
I read one of the critics reviews on Fandango before going to see the film that said something about the film being good until one scene when Scarlett Johansen's character says something like "I've...

It was OK

By mcshanetm
a bit melodramatic in some scenes, and the scene transitions were choppy. I enjoyed the book, and the movie did an OK job with the story line. Costumes and cinematography were good, especially on...

The other Boleyn Girl- not that great

By kellcaba
This movie was fine but it didn't have the effect i thought it would have had. I read the book and when i watched the movie, i was totally dissapointed. It wasn't like i had read. The acting was...

Pretty Good and Semi-Accurate--rare for a historical movie

By ptaz
We really enjoyed this movie. Being history buffs I was impressed that it was even semi-accurate. It portrayed Anne as the older sister, though and most historians think Mary was. It left out the...

what a disapointment..........

By I see every movie out
I saw this movie last night and was extremely disapointed. The acting was terrrrrrrible and the overall movie was too dark and stupid. They kept cutting from scene to scene with no information or...

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Rated PG-13 | For mature thematic elements, sexual content and some violent images
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Common Sense Media says Lush historical drama is engrossing but mature.
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