• Romantic Comedy
    Comedy Drama


Star and producer Tom Bastounes reportedly sold his family produce store in Chicago to finance this semi-autobiographical romantic comedy about lost love and lost opportunities. As he works at his family's produce store, George (Bastounes) is haunted by his choices of 20 years ago. The two things he most regrets are not pursuing a career in opera singing and not pursuing Gina (Monica Zaffarano), his old classmate who has gone on to fame and fortune as a diva. The film opens with George's wife asking for a divorce after George tries to sneak into the house after returning from an adulterous tryst. George's fortunes change when Gina visits Chicago for a five-day gig. It becomes immediately clear that love between the two still smolders, though Gina is involved with a straight-arrow senator. When Gina can't sing at a charity function, George steps in and wows everyone -- including himself -- with his sonorous voice, and he is given a glowing review in the paper. Suddenly, George's life is on track again, until some unforeseen complications hamper his forward movement. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

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