The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure Synopsis
The Oogieloves set out to find five magical golden balloons in time for their friend's birthday.
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Ignore the Critics. Listen to your kids. They'll love it!

By tolandmom
I gave this five stars because my two sons absolutely loved it. Fun to watch Chazz and Cloris do their things. Boys still singing the milkshake song. Don't agree with the critics on this one. Mean...

A Total Winner

By JennaJJ
Three moms. Seven kids between 3 and 8. A whole lotta fun! This movie is unlike anything I've seen in theaters. The kids danced and cheered and had so much fun. Can't recommend it more highly. No...

Terrific Kids Film! Finally!

By bsalvo33
This is a MUST for kids. Finally a kid's movie that's meant for kids. I've tried too many times with the animated films, and my girls always get scared. And frankly, I'm sick of moms getting killed...

Don't listen to the snooty critics. This movie is great for families.

By alandabode
I am absolutely horrified by the critical reviews of this film. We're not talking about an Academy Award contender. This movie is aged appropriate for young kids and a welcome relief from all the...


By lucymalonte
Oh yes you must see the Oogieloves. Too cute for words. Took four little girls and darn if they weren't having a ball. Won't stop talking about it. Toni Braxton nailed it. They all did. And that...

Ignore the Nasty Critics - This movie is GREAT for kids!

By JamieMey13
Wow - critics are so mean. This movie is for kids and it's awesome. I have a three year old and a seven year old and they had a blast. No, I wouldn't go to this movie with just my girlfriends, but...

Great Movie for the Little Ones

By dori198
We took out 2 year old to see it Thur night. He loved it! I would suggest this movie to any family that has little kids. The interactive singing and dancing for the kids was really cute. The...

The Oogieloves

By hipster923
This indy movie rivals Barney and Sesame Street. It has a great look and tempo. Kids and Adults are meaningfully engaged. Viselman strikes the imagination of pre-schoolers. This trilogy has real...

Fun Fun Fun!

By ronnatrille
What a treat for my family. Definitely the most fun we've had with our three kids in a movie theater. Hooray for the Oogieloves!...

Good for preschool aged children

By Ime12
I took my 2.5 year old to see this movie and two days after seeing the movie my daughter is still proclaiming how "cool" and "fun" Oogieloves was. The movie had a lot of singing and dancing, which...

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Rated G
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Common Sense Media says Enthralling for preschoolers; much less so for anyone else.
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