The One: Mayweather vs. Canelo Synopsis
Plus undercard Garcia vs. Matthysee. From the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

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Mayweather vs Canelo

By rmr2376
The program cut off 3 times during the Main Event. Was not happy about that! I would have enjoyed this a whole lot more if that did not happen...

45 have tried and 45 have failed

By derrickwilson77
To all you mayweather haters you thought canelo was going to be the ONE to beat him but I guess we have to wait for the next ONE lmfao...

The One

By pettimm
I enjoyed this show immensely. I am a boxing fanatic and very rarely misses a boxing show having this opportunity to see this show live at the movies was awesome. Could have done with some snack...

two warriors toe to toe

By 36movielover
I will say that each fight that Money has I get nervous they always bring up the age factor but he is keeping himself in excellent shape and I am pleased to say that he is an intelligent boxer as far...

Mayweather vs Canelo

By anthony1peck
The 114-114 scorecard of C.J. Ross was a bizarre as Justin Bieber walking into the ring with Mayweather, with rapper Lil'Wayne on the other side. Mayweather dominated despite hurting his left elbow...

What a Great Show

By Movie Theather Fan
Man, I'll tell ya. I had a really good. Moreover, not only was the main event great.....all of the other featured boxes managed to put on a great show too. I felt as if, this was money well spent. I...

The theater was atrocious.

By rbielun
It was a great fight and a great night for boxing however, the Village 7 on 3rd Ave gave the lackluster performance of the evening. The video and/or audio went out a handful of times during the main...

Mayweather vs. Canelo

By joysters
This was sooooooo super awesome that the fight was viewable at the theater ... would go again and again and again ... so keep the boxing Matches going!!! The theater was almost full of happy paying...

Great Night of Fights

By sprobeck
This was a great night of fights seen with a theatre full of fans at the Riverview Theater in Philadelphia. The first fight and third fights were exciting while the second was pretty sloppy, however...

Live streaming, great a the movies for a fraction of the price of PPV!!

By msluttz
This was not a movie. It was a live streaming at the movie theater! Why pay 70 dollars to watch it on PPV when you can see it for 15 bucks? This fight was awesome and everything that I thought it...

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