Parent trap

By AnimalShack
Written August 27, 2012
The movie seemed very short, and the plot was a little thin, so I have to think that the purpose of the movie was just to jerk every tear possible out of every parent in the audience. My wife's eyes were swollen for an hour after the show. My own were pretty wet when we left. All in all it was a good movie. My 9 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl both loved it.
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Phenomenon Rip Off

By coatingFan
Written August 16, 2012
In Phenomenon lightning strikes and John Travolta is converted into a new man, In Timorhy Green lightning strikes CJ Adams and he grows out of a buried wood box. Phenomenon had John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker, and Robert Duvall. Timothy Green does not. Both have amazing feats done by the star, both have wonderful old houses and beautiful leaves, they both even have the same music, but Timothy Green is the poor sequel and unfortunately the story is not as good. If you see Phenomenon first, Timothy Green will disappoint you...
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Beautiful movie

By lovefreebies25
Written August 19, 2012
This movie will surely warm your heart. It is beautifully written and, even tough you know is a fictional story, you cannot fall in love with the story. The boy that plays Timothy is great and Jennifer Garner has one of her best rolls in this movie...Even my three-year-old daughter could stop watching the movie...Again, is a beatiful movie that will warm your heart and sout...
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Sweet but incomplete

By TravelByRocket
Written August 22, 2012
A charming film, beautifully photographed and special... until they gave up. The resolution was completely unsatisfying and unoriginal. It was an emotional film that, strangely, left us totally flat. Warning to parents: This could be upsetting to children. My 9-year-old was bothered by what happened to Timothy at the film's end.
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If your child is adopted, tune in....

By ourcrazychaos
Written December 28, 2014
The movie is very well done and is a great story. That being said, I went in unprepared for many of the story lines along infertility, the adoption process for the parents and a child and the emotionality that in inherit in these complex issues. My daughter is adopted and we are very open about all discussions is this realm. This film really gets at the pain and the heartache that is interwined in the above, but too the joy that can emerge despite it all. I am not sure I would have gone to see this with my 8 year old however, without a bit of discussion ahead of time. I write this for any others who have struggled with infertility, the heartache and blessing of adoption, and the children that may or may not be a part of their lives. The movie is wonderful, just be prepared for less of a light-hearted movie, and more of at a happy child teaching th the complexities of adoption, infertility, being different and rising above it all. Kids have so much to teach, if we let them.
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