Timothy will grab your heart.

By beckilynn
Written March 29, 2015
This movie is touching. I loved it but had tears in the end. I do not typically cry at movies, or avoid tear jerkers. Timothy is worth the experience. I give it 2 thumbs up.
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The Odd Life is bittersweet

By meimpink
Written September 03, 2012
This was a sweet film that I enjoyed. The actors all played their roles rather well, and there were no obvious flaws that I could find in the movie overall. This movie is geared toward people of all ages, I'd say, with nothing that would prevent someone of a certain age from enjoying it. It is truly a bittersweet movie about taking the good with the bad and learning to enjoy things as they last.There was a happy ending, and I loved to see the characters change from their different interactions with Timothy Green. There were some cute, funny parts that I might've watched again, but it wasn't much of a comedy. The story unfolds well and I would definitely recommend seeing this movie.
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If your child is adopted, tune in....

By ourcrazychaos
Written March 04, 2015
The movie is very well done and is a great story. That being said, I went in unprepared for many of the story lines along infertility, the adoption process for the parents and a child and the emotionality that in inherit in these complex issues. My daughter is adopted and we are very open about all discussions is this realm. This film really gets at the pain and the heartache that is interwined in the above, but too the joy that can emerge despite it all. I am not sure I would have gone to see this with my 8 year old however, without a bit of discussion ahead of time. I write this for any others who have struggled with infertility, the heartache and blessing of adoption, and the children that may or may not be a part of their lives. The movie is wonderful, just be prepared for less of a light-hearted movie, and more of at a happy child teaching th the complexities of adoption, infertility, being different and rising above it all. Kids have so much to teach, if we let them.
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By msphillips88
Written February 02, 2013
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the is a line

By plainhuman4321
Written September 01, 2012
My kids enjoyed it. But I am spoiled by the Pixar and Dreamworks movies that can make a cross adult/kid filled gap movie. I can say with hardly a hesitation that this could have possibly been the worst movie ever. I even asked my wife just for a sanity check, same feeling. Be that as it may, there was a woman actually weeping during it, but I boldly say that it has little to do as a compliment to the movie as much as the instability of said parent. I have seen 100s if not 1000s of movies, and this one is striving for pole position (I also disliked Jack Black's Gulliver's Travels pretty hard too). Thanks. PS: I cried during ET.
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