great family movie

By namelecr
Written December 09, 2012
This movie is full of advice at every scene. I took my 7 year old & my 11 year old & they loved it! This is one movie to wach over & over walking away with a new perspective on it & issues good or bad going on in your life.
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By tallsmartass
Written August 25, 2012
The kid dies at the end. It's really funny. The screenwriters knew what audiences wanted, and they decided to give it to them. Bring your kids to see this movie if you want to give them the gift of psychosis, Catcher-in-the-Rye style!
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Great family movie

By petersfamilyde
Written August 19, 2012
Hollywood doesn't put out too many family friendly films like this. Go and see it. Take your entire family. You'll laugh and cry. We loved it.
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A feel good movie

By levinll
Written August 18, 2012
Took my 8 & 9 year old last night to see this movie. While it is an hour and forty minutes the kids enjoyed the entire movie and I think it taught them a lesson or two about growing up and the challenges parents face.. Warning: Not a dry eye in the house at the end of the movie.
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The Odd Life of Timothy Green

By mehl857
Written August 20, 2012
This is a fantasy movie and just a little hokey, but I loved it! It was a feel good movie for people of all ages. How refreshing to see a movie with no violence, cursing, gore, or sex! For the family and people of all ages. The audience applauded when the movie ended. When was the last time that happened?
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