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By akaelber216
Written February 07, 2014
Anticipated seeing this movie with my 8 year old. We went opening weekend and saw the movie in 3D. The story line was predictable yet, understandable as its geared towards children. The movie itself was very colorful however everything else was just flat. The writing was bland, and was most disappointed with the 3D effects. There were just not enough when they could have done so many very cool things to incorporate the 3D into the movie.
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Great Surprise

By fishercassondra
Written February 10, 2014
So I was not truly interested in seeing this movie but I figured I could sit through it before the Lego Movie...well I was wrong-to have DOUBTED the movie. It was so cute! My nine year old and I both jumped during one seen, we sat opened mouth toward the end, and in one scene I forgot we were in the movies and blurted out something to the characters. This movie is pretty cute.
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The Nut Job

By nicikiddo
Written February 02, 2014
Took my 6-yr-old grandson to see this one. Pretty cool movie - very colorful and a nice little message re: good overcoming bad. Would recommend for youngsters.
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My Daughter and I Loved it!

By jdswieca
Written January 18, 2014
My daughter and I saw this on opening night and was surprised that the theater was not more crowded. There were quite a few scenes that had us laughing out loud. My daughter really got a kick out of the Gangnam Style dance.
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OK movie

By candrews8
Written January 19, 2014
Two girls (age 8 & 11) thought it was good. The part I watched (dozed through half of it) was marginally okay. Weak story, lots of boom, blam, and splat. Weak dialog, but special effects were pretty good. I would recommend for kids, but not really a family movie. Not nearly the caliber of Madagascar or Lion King.
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