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Actually walked out

By tkinard1
Written January 21, 2014
Brought my 12 year old and my 6 year both were bored out of their minds and we left after 35 minutes. I hate that I wasted my money:( Very slow moving, humor was pretty much non-existent.
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By dcb2
Written January 25, 2014
even as kids films go, this is a pretty sad effort. tired unimaginative dialogue, caricatures instead of characters, a plot that seemed to be the victim of several mid-production rewrites. voice actors seemed to be mailing it in, esp Arnett. somehow made 85 minutes seem like 4 hours.
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The Nut Job

By hoosiertom
Written March 03, 2014
Animation was good but not Pixar quality . I felt the correlation between squirrel and friends robbing the Nut Shop and at the same time, the Bank Robbers using the Nut Shop as home base to tunnel under the street to rob a bank along with the anticipated conflict between the two groups, beyond the general audience of 7 year old's and under ability to put a meaningful story together. I doubt movie goers of any age would find this movie in anyway as satisfying as many other animated movies in the past. However on a positive note, the theater came alive with laughter and joy, which I would normally expect from a movie like this, when the animated version of PSY was singing and dancing to"Gangam Style" during the credits at the end of the movie
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Harmless Fun

By natb966
Written February 02, 2014
If you love taking your kids to the movies and you can tuck your adult critic away, go to see this light humorous movie. It doesn't harm anyone, and the kids really enjoyed it. It's no classic, not deep, or particularly original or well written, but it keeps the action going and the story of friendship never gets old. It's a perfectly fun way to spend an hour and half with your kid, they'll smile at the end credits and leave in a good mood. Better for kids over 5 and under 15 and parents who can let go for little while and just enjoy sitting next to their kid, because soon enough they won't want to sit next to you or spend an afternoon with popcorn and laughter.
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Thoroughly Enjoyable Fun

By marianburn
Written January 19, 2014
I took my teenager and two grandkids, ages 5 and 6, to see this movie. From the beginning, the movie had everyone's attention. The animation was great and the voices perfectly suited to the characters. We laughed, we signed -- but we did not cry. (Is that a bad thing?) We all really enjoyed the movie and the shenanigans of the animals. The humans played minor roles in the story but even they made us laugh. On a deeper level, and one we talked about after the movie, it was interesting to see that those we thought were heroes, were not. Those we thought were leaders and really cared about the residents of the park really only cared about themselves. Those we thought were just goof-offs or selfish, turned out to be the characters we enjoyed the most and cheered for as the opportunity to "do the right thing" was taken at several critical points. The lessons were important but done in a very fun, humorous and subtle way. Would see it again and again!
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