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The Nutcracker Mariinsky Ballet

By andlarr
Written December 04, 2012
Delightful, totally enjoyable. First time and it will not be the last. Music, dancing and costume were all beautiful. I would recommend the ballet to all ages.
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Show was Good, not Great

By bsmnsr
Written December 04, 2012
The show was good, but not great. We enjoyed it. The Asian Dance was great. Ironically, the Russian dance was a little weak. Music was good but the conductor had a bit of a mad Russian scientist look about him that was a bit distracting. Due to the nearly 40 minutes of advertising from ~7:30-8:10 for a movie scheduled to start at 7:30, I am unlikely to go to another Fathom Event. I certainly didn't care to see a marketing video by the President of the company telling me all about how great the NCM Media engineers are. If they are so great, I shouldn't even know they are there. A 5 minute infomercial during 35-40 minutes of NCM Media Ads, Broadway coming soon ads, etc. was excessive. My So-So rating is more for the wasted 35-40 minutes watching ads and a Nutcracker Quiz four separate times. If not for that, I'd rate it a "Go."
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The Nutcracker Marinsky in 3D

By beberules
Written December 04, 2012
Terrific film. Beautiful ballet dancing and music. A must see!
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Overrated 3D

By donnahu
Written December 19, 2012
The production was fine, but nothing special. The 3D aspect was a complete waste of effort and did nothing to enhance the film.
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Nutcracker Ballet

By wackford
Written December 04, 2012
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