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The Nutcracker Ballet - Live in HD

By operaphite
Written September 17, 2014
The Mariinsky's performance was pure magic - stunningly beautiful. The orchestra, conducted by the world reknowned Valery Gergiev, was magnificent. This was such a wonderful opportunity to see world class performers "up close and personal". The stature of the Mariinsky Ballet Theatre, and of it's orchestra, and this performance's conductor, is beyond reproach. Incredible art in our own backyards, and yet only six people chose to partake of the fabulous cultural event - brought to us all the way from St Petersburg, Russia - Live!, for only 12.50. Hard to fathom...
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By ringtail2ter
Written March 03, 2015
Very disappointed. Focus seemed to be on the orchestra rather than the dancers. Atmosphere of theatre just wasn't as sophisticated as the ballet. Popcorn crunching and children running up/down aisles certainly detracted from the experience. I've seen much better adaptations. Don't really care about the facial expressions of the maestro and his orchestra. I was there for the ballet.
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The Nutcracker Marinsky Ballet

By Bettyfin
Written May 06, 2015
Wore 3D glasses and watched this "live" performance on a huge screen. That was the BEST performance I've ever seen and hardly anyone was in the audience. The ballet was absolutely magnificent, You could see the audience clapping with joy, watch the orchestra, and see the conductor's hands vibrating to the music. PLEASE don't let this marvelous show go unnoticed! Thanks for showing it in your theater.
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Nutcracker Mariinsky Ballet

By Gepeto73
Written March 06, 2015
Here is a beautifully staged ballet with talented dancers, great sets but the editing just gets in the way. During ever dance the camera kept moving with the dancers, demanding the viewer follow its focal point, then there was a cut, a new perspective about every 15 seconds. very frustrating. We want to see this dance as the audience does, only closer. It could have been sensational! There was no sense for the choreography or a chance to let our eyes adjust and roan around the stage. Also, there should have be more advertising. I saw one movie preview for this and had to really fight to find movie times and locations.
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The Nutcracker Mariinsky Ballet

By andlarr
Written May 27, 2015
Delightful, totally enjoyable. First time and it will not be the last. Music, dancing and costume were all beautiful. I would recommend the ballet to all ages.
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