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Nutcracker Mariinsky Ballet

By Gepeto73
Written October 04, 2015
Here is a beautifully staged ballet with talented dancers, great sets but the editing just gets in the way. During ever dance the camera kept moving with the dancers, demanding the viewer follow its focal point, then there was a cut, a new perspective about every 15 seconds. very frustrating. We want to see this dance as the audience does, only closer. It could have been sensational! There was no sense for the choreography or a chance to let our eyes adjust and roan around the stage. Also, there should have be more advertising. I saw one movie preview for this and had to really fight to find movie times and locations.
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A great event!

By Dezlovesmovies
Written July 02, 2015
I thought this was event was great especially in 3D. I hope they have more events like this!
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The Nutcracker Marinsky in 3D

By beberules
Written September 01, 2015
Terrific film. Beautiful ballet dancing and music. A must see!
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3-D Headache and no Sugarplum Fairy

By ltarditi
Written December 05, 2012
From the boring, pale, washed-out ombre-dyed pinkish costumes of the cast, which then are shaded darker by the STUPID 3-D glasses which gave us all headaches to the fact that there was NO SUGARPLUM FAIRY?!? this sucked. The only redeeming thing is that my kid could eat and drink in the movie theater. For $5 more per seat, we could have seen the real Nutcracker by the Pennsylvania Ballet, live... which is what we'll do next year!
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Massive disappointment!

By mler119
Written November 27, 2014
My girls and I looked forward to this for weeks. We made a 45 minute drive to the closest location and arrived early to make sure we got good seats. Finally over 10 minutes after the advertised start time the show began. The picture was crisp, bright and beautiful. Unfortunately it was also completely silent! Movie techs worked for sometime and then determined there was something wrong with the satellite feed and the problem could not be fixed. The ticket price was refunded, but that did not make up for the time and gas lost. Most was heartbreaking was my daughters' disappointment.
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